Association Montessori Internationale

     "The vision of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is to support the natural development of human beings from birth to maturity, enabling them to become the transforming agents in society leading to a more harmonious and peaceful world. "

            Founded by Dr. Maria Montessori and her son, Mario in 1929, the Association Montessori Internationale is a member of the United Nations through UNESCO and is the oldest international Montessori organization in the world. In founding the association, Dr. Montessori’s aims were to safeguard the original concepts from distortion and from diluting influences and to establish teacher training courses for those who wished to continue her work on behalf of the child. It is the policy of the school to hire only those teachers who hold a Montessori Teaching Certificate , for the appropriate level, granted by a recognized AMI training course. Classroom assistants are graduates of the AMI Assistants Training Course.


In Canada, AMI is represented by AMI (Canada).

     Today the use of the word “Montessori” is no assurance of authenticity or quality and parents are advised to do extensive research before choosing a school.   

     Maria Montessori School is recognized and accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale and is a member of AMI Canada's Montessori Quality Assurance program. We are regularly visited by AMI consultants who assist the school in its efforts to offer high quality, authentic  Montessori education. The AMI Certificate of Recognition is only issued to those schools who meet the criteria established. The school is pleased to be affiliated with the AMI and other member schools across Canada and throughout the world.

Parental Choice Impeded by Ontario Government Regulations

A Note to Parents: Current Ontario Government regulations impede or prohibit certain Montessori best practices. All Montessori schools in Ontario, serving children under 4 years of age, are subject to these regulations. Maria Montessori School, AMI and other schools and Montessori organizations continue to work with the Ontario government toward adjusting regulations to allow parents to choose the highest level of authenticity and quality inMontessori education for their children.

Please let your political representatives know that you support the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 (3): "Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children."

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